WPF Controls 2018.1 build 673 Maintenance Release

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Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new maintenance release of the WPF Controls is now available.

Detailed Update List


  • Updated bar charts to pass the XYDataPoint as data context into the BarTemplate.


  • Added automation IDs to all menu items.
  • Improved docking window breadcrumb tracking logic.
  • Improved the implementation of AdvancedTabItem context menu triggers.
  • Improved focus handling when clicking on docking window tabs.
  • Updated TabbedMdiContainer to ensure that activating an already-selected tab makes it fully-visible.


  • Updated MaskedTextBox's regex patterns to support empty strings.
  • Improved clicks on MaskedTextBox's prompt characters to move the selection to the end of the matched text.
  • Updated the default MonthCalendar.DayItemTemplate property value to support day number display for various calendars.
  • Updated MonthCalendar logic to better handle display of various calendars.
  • Fixed a bug where Enum-related controls weren't supporting localized string resources for DisplayAttribute values.
  • Fixed a bug where EnumListBox didn't handle ulong-based flags enumerations properly.


  • Added the DigitalGauge.TextAlignment property that can be set to Left to align digital text to the left side instead of the right.


  • Updated TreeListBoxItem UI automation peers to support the ExpandCollapse pattern.
  • Updated some item adapter logic to not execute if there is a null TreeListBox.RootItem.
  • Updated focus handling code to not move focus when various TreeListView item updates occur while focus is within a column header.
  • Fixed a bug where the TreeListBox.SelectionChanged event could get raised twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the TreeListBoxItem.OnPointerPressed method could throw an exception.
  • Fixed a UI bug in a certain scenario where a TreeListBox data item's children were populated as it was expanded.


  • Added the NavigationBar.MinimizedTitle property. Minimized navigation bars now display that value instead of the Title property value, allowing the Title to be a different value used in the Options window UI.


  • Updated large ribbon buttons to possibly line break text after zero-width space (\u200B) characters.
  • Improved the rendering of Backstage tabs and buttons in Metro themes.
  • Fixed a bug related to reporting menu mode changes with InputManager.


  • Fixed a bug where certain kinds of file creations weren't being detected to properly update the shell object framework.


  • Improved collapsible region highlighting logic.
  • Fixed a bug where calling TextSnapshotReader.PeekTokenReverse at the end of a snapshot might not retain the document end token.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Improved IntelliPrompt when typing within lambda expressions.


  • Updated WindowChromeManager.FindElementKind logic to better handle AdornerDecorators.


  • Added the TaskBoard.ColumnDragOver and CardDragOver events that fire as columns and cards are dragged over target columns/cards, allowing certain targets to be programmatically blocked.

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