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Posted 9 days ago by Avatar Jerin Sebastian

How do I generate a PDF, which contains Actipro Charts. Is it possible to do it in Windows Service rather than WPF?

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Posted 8 days ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA


I don't believe WPF has any facilities built-in to do PDF creation.  I have seen articles like this one where you can create a WPF FixedDocument and then try to export it to PDF:

You can generally put any UI elements in a FixedDocument.

Actipro Software Support
Posted 7 days ago by Jerin Sebastian

I had implemented it in WPF and it worked. But when I implemented it in Windows Service to generate PDF, the charts were not getting rendered.

Posted 6 days ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Jerin,

It's hard to say but maybe the default Styles for the WPF controls don't get applied if you don't run it from a WPF app?  We've seen this sometimes when customers use WPF Controls inside of a WinForms application.  In that case, you need to create an instance of a WPF Application() object before referencing any UI controls if one doesn't already exist.  I believe that gets things registered so styles will get applied.  Maybe that will do the trick for your scenario.

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