categoryModel.IsExpanded doesn't work

Posted 1 month ago by Avatar Antoine Picard

Hi !

I wanted to have all my categories collapsed by default so I tried something like

protected override ICategoryModel CreateCategoryModel(string name, IDataFactoryRequest request)
 var categoryModel = base.CreateCategoryModel(name, request);
 categoryModel.IsExpanded = false;
 return categoryModel;

 in my dataFactory, but it doesn't work.

What do I do wrong ?

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Posted 1 month ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Antoine,

The PropertyGrid.AreCategoriesAutoExpanded property defaults to true.  When true, it will auto-expand categories after you create them.  You'd want to set that property to false if you want them collapsed.  Then you could remove your code above.

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