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Posted 21 days ago by Avatar Antoine Picard

Hi !

As in other softwares with color picker, it could be good to have two little squares under the RVB selector to display what the color was and what the color is now.

I was thinking about something like in Gimp or PhotoShop.

Would it be possible ?

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Posted 21 days ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Antoine,

Our color picker currently shows the newly selected color in the large area between the hue radial slider and saturation/brightness square.  We don't currently show the old color in that control, but I can see scenarios where it would be handy.  I assume you'd probably like to be able to click on it to restore the old color too?

Can you think of any UI that would fit into the design we have for our color picker that wouldn't add size to the picker but would add the old color display?

Actipro Software Support
Posted 19 days ago by Antoine Picard

Hi !

Yes it could be a good feature to roll back to the old color too ! 

I was thinking about lowering the RGB/HSB dropdown and the three Spinning editBox to put a square on top of it.
Splitting this square horizontally in half to put the new color on the first part and the old color below.

What do you think about it ?

Posted 18 days ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Antoine,

I'm not sure I like that because it's a bit redundant.  The new color is already displayed in the very large area between the circle and square.

Other ideas would be:

  1. The top half of the area inside the hue radial slider would show the new color, while the bottom half would show the old color.  I'm not sure this would be good in that the user might accidentally tap the old color to reset to it when they were trying to grab a gripper.  Maybe it's not as much of an issue if we don't auto-close the popup there and simply update the other slider values.
  2. Add a small circle on say the upper left of the control past the arc of the hue slider.  That would show the old color and could be tapped to reset to it.


Actipro Software Support
Posted 14 days ago by Antoine Picard


to be honest, I really dislike this display area, and so my artist team does. It's a bit hard to see the color with so many different others around it. A white background is always better for colors.

I'm not sure about the usability of your first solution, as you said, it might become tricky.

I like the second one but I still prefer mine.

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