WPF Controls 2018.1 build 674 Maintenance Release

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Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new maintenance release of the WPF Controls is now available.

Detailed Update List


  • Added the PieSeries.SliceToolTipFormat, SliceToolTipFunc, ChildSliceToolTipFormat, and ChildSliceToolTipFunc properties, which can be used to supply pie slice tooltips.
  • Updated stacked charts to show each data point's actual value in the label instead of the stacked value.
  • Fixed a bug where connecting to a Remote Desktop with an already-visible chart could throw an exception.


  • Added UIA peers for the standard switcher and its items.
  • Updated the Prism integration sample to use Prism 7.1.
  • Updated the workspace's layout logic to account for contained docking window minimum and maximum sizes.
  • Updated floating dock hosts without MDI to use the minimum size of the docked tool windows.
  • Updated layout serialization to save breadcrumb creation times.
  • Improved built-in dock host key handling to use the preview key down event.
  • Improved the can-execute logic for the DockingWindow.FloatCommand.
  • Improved the tracking of breadcrumbs for floating windows.
  • Improved the focus setting logic related to selector items when activating a docking window.
  • Fixed a bug where docking window tabs could get inserted in the wrong order in a certain scenario in .NET Framework 4.7 or later.
  • Fixed a bug where minimized floating dock hosts might store an incorrect location during layout serialization.
  • Fixed a bug where closing a tool window container docked next to another in a floating dock host would prevent the remaining tool window container's title bar context menu from showing properly.
  • Fixed a bug where when live splitting is off while using non-hosted popups, auto-hide popup splitters might not function properly.


  • Improved DoubleEditBox and SingleEditBox to better support very small numbers.
  • Updated the UIA peers for edit boxes.


  • Updated the segmented digital gauges to support the single and double quote characters.


  • Added the TreeListViewColumn.CellVerticalAlignment property, which defaults to Center and allows for configuring how content in the column's cells aligns vertically.
  • Updated how the TreeListBox selection anchor item is tracked when virtualization removes its container.


  • Updated the RibbonWindow template to ensure that any StatusBar set to the RibbonWindow.StatusBar property is last in tab order.


  • Updated CAB files to not be treated as shell folders.


  • Updated the logic for interacting with system DataObjects.


  • Updated the templates of various list controls in Shared, Grids, Shell to use a new theme resource for the margin around their ScrollViewers.
  • Updated the Metro theme ScrollBar button margins.

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