UIStudio (for WinForms) 2.0.0092 Maintenance Release

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Posted 17 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new UIStudio (for Windows Forms) maintenance release is now available. Updates include:

Bar Controls
  • Added the BarCommand.StaysOpenOnClick property, which controls whether any links for the bar command should keep a parent menu (if any) open when the link is clicked.
  • Added code to the undocked dockable toolbars so that when starting a drag, the dragged toolbar will be forced on top of other undocked dockable toolbars.
  • Added a BarManager.ResetDockableToolBarLayout method that resets a dockable toolbar layout. This is only useful if you create a custom DockableToolbar-inheriting class that overrides methods such as ResetDockedColumn.
  • Changed the default MenuBar.DockedRow value to be 0.
  • Tweaked the BarManager.SelectedMode code to improve how dockable toolbars were hidden/restored.
  • Tweaked some toolbar row command link sorting code.
  • Updated the BarManager.RaiseCommand method so that its return value better indicates whether a command was handled or not by looking at the e.Handled property of the event arguments.
  • Fixed a bug where label link text might be drawn with ellipses when it should be fully expanded in a certain scenario.
Dock Controls / TabStrip
  • Added the DockManager.TabbedMdiDragDropEnabled property to control whether tabbed MDI tabs can be drag/dropped.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous maintenance release where drag/drop of tool windows in the designer wouldn't always work.

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