WPF Controls 2019.1 build 683 Maintenance Release

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Posted 5 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new maintenance release of the WPF Controls is now available.

Detailed Update List


  • Updated DockSite to raise the WindowsDragging/WindowsDragged events after a tab reorder in the same docking window container occurs.


  • Updated the DoublePicker, Int16Picker, Int32Picker, Int64Picker, and SinglePicker controls so a full rotation increments 1,000 values when the min-to-max range is larger than 1,000.


  • Added a new section to the PropertyGrid 'Data Models and Factories' documentation topic that talks about best practices for clearing the DataObject property when the PropertyGrid is no longer needed to prevent memory leaks.
  • Added the PropertyGrid.CanClearDataObjectOnUnload property that can be set to true to automatically clear the DataObject property when the control is unloaded. Clear the DataObject property manually when CanClearDataObjectOnUnload cannot not used.
  • Improved how PropertyGrid watches property value changes to help prevent memory leaks.


  • Added the Breadcrumb.ComboBoxDropDownToolTip property that sets the tooltip for the Breadcrumb's drop-down button.


  • Improved the shell object name sort logic to use better natural sorting, where digits in the names are considered as numerical content rather than text.


  • Added support for triple-clicks to select an entire view line. Dragging the pointer on the final click will extend the selection by view line.
  • Added theme-oriented resource dictionaries to prevent unnecessary theme assembly lookup.
  • Improved the search result highlighting logic.
  • Improved the logic in CollapsedRegionQuickInfoProvider.
  • Improved the caret movement for change character casing edit actions when there is no selection.
  • Improved editor view searching and search result highlighting logic, including offloading some pieces to worker tasks for better performance.
  • Updated the search overlay pane's find textbox to have a red border when no match for the find text is located.
  • Updated search result highlights to toggle immediately when the SyntaxEditor.IsSearchResultHighlightingEnabled property is changed.
  • Updated how line commenters adjust selections during their text changes.
  • Updated the TextStylePreview control to use a weak event handler for watching IHighlightingStyle changes.
  • Updated the UserInterfaceUpdate event to delay-fire after the SyntaxEditor.Document property is changed.
  • Updated all IntelliPrompt completion list samples to use custom completion providers, which is the recommended way to add completion to a syntax language.
  • Updated mouse wheel scrolling to only work if the related directional scrollbar visibility is Auto or Visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the caret wasn't at the proper offset following a redo of a typing change.
  • Fixed a bug where the IME input prompt might not always reposition itself correctly as character input is received.
  • Fixed a bug where IME input wouldn't work in a rehosted workflow designer.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Updated the C# parser and resolver to support C# 7.3 syntax.
  • Updated the VB parser and resolver to support VB 15.8 syntax.

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