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Posted 4 years ago by Neil Larson
Version: 19.1.0

The exact middle of the diamond LinearPointerMarker does not appear to be a valid place to drag the marker from. A tiny bit in any direction and the Hand cursor appears and you can drag the marker. Back to the center and the hand cursor disappears. 

On the sample browser, the pointer is below the gauge and I cant repro this.

Any ideas on how to enable the middle?

My code below.

<gauge:LinearGauge x:Name="PaceAdjustmentGauge" DockPanel.Dock="Left" Style="{StaticResource LinearGaugeStyle}"
help:HTMLHelpClass.HelpTopic="800" Cursor="Arrow" IsManipulationEnabled="True"
ToolTip="This slider displays and allows adjustment of the remaining delays in the Fire file script.">
<gauge:LinearScale BarAscent="5px" VerticalAlignment="Stretch">
<gauge:LinearTickSet Maximum="3" Minimum="-3" MajorInterval="1" MinorInterval=".1" >

<gauge:LinearPointerMarker Background="{DynamicResource LinearPointerBackground}" MarkerType="Diamond"
Value="{Binding TheShow.SpeedAdjustmentSeconds, Mode=TwoWay}"
gauge:LinearScale.BarAscent="5px" gauge:ScaleBase.BarExtent="90%" Width="Auto"
BorderBrush="LightCyan" BorderWidth="1" IsManipulationEnabled="True" Focusable="True"
CanDrag="{Binding TheShow.PaceAdjustable}" IsSnappingEnabled="True" SnappingInterval="0.1" PointerExtent="30px" />
<gauge:LinearTickMarkMajor Background="{DynamicResource LinearTickMarkMajorBackground}" Width="Auto" IntervalOrigin="Zero" TickMarkExtent="3px" />
<gauge:LinearTickMarkMinor Background="{DynamicResource LinearTickMarkMinorBackground}" TickMarkExtent="1px" />
<gauge:LinearTickLabelMajor Foreground="{DynamicResource LinearTickLabelMajorForeground}" MajorInterval="1" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" ScalePlacement="Outside" />
<gauge:LinearTickLabelCustom Foreground="{DynamicResource LinearTickLabelCustomForeground}" ScalePlacement="Inside" Text="Slower" Value="2.7" />
<gauge:LinearTickLabelCustom Foreground="{DynamicResource LinearTickLabelCustomForeground}" ScalePlacement="Inside" Text="Time Adjustment Per Cue (Seconds)" Value="0" />
<gauge:LinearTickLabelCustom Foreground="{DynamicResource LinearTickLabelCustomForeground}" ScalePlacement="Inside" Text="Faster" Value="-2.75" />

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Posted 4 years ago by Neil Larson

It appears the problem is that hovering over the ticks that show through the marker disables the drag somehow. Setting each of the ticks to IsHitTestVisible="False" solved the problem.

Posted 4 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Neil,

I was trying to reproduce this in our Linear Gauge Interactive QuickStart, but was unable to.  If you think there is a bug, could you send over some modified XAML for that QuickStart that we can paste in and debug with to see the issue?  Thanks!

Anyhow, I'm glad you sorted it out on your end too.

Actipro Software Support

The latest build of this product (v24.1.2) was released 28 days ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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