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Posted 17 years ago by Mark Sironi
Version: 2.0.0326
I'm trying to use the wizard demo in an app being written using vs2008 orcas beta 2 (using the vm version of beta 2) targetting .net 3.5

First I notice what I assume is an error in the documentation. The getting started page has 2 properties that don't appear to exist for the wizard, BackwardProgressTransitionType ForwardProgressTransitionType. I assume that the only way to setup transistions is to use the TransitionSelector property as in the sample?

While on the subject of transitions, is there any documentation or samples on using them with your own controls?

The sample program builds fine using beta 2 but crashes when you try to run it. Oddly, if you run it in the debugger it runs fine. Beta 2 didn't like the following attribute on Window.xaml but removing it didn't change the behavior:


I looked over the wizard xaml to see if there was anything vs didn't like in there but it looks like it's happy (until you go to run it anyway)

Also, the constant popping up of the demo message box makes beta 2 very unstable. I've had it crash about 5 times in the past 30 minutes, usually when trying to build/run or build/debug. Your demo dialog shows, and vs will then crash (sometimes giving an error in the error list window about calling into a closed AppDomain before it blows up).

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Posted 17 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Hi Mark,

Good note on the documentation, that code was for v1.0 but in v2.0 the TransitionSelector is now used. This will be updated for the next maintenance


The Shared library documentation (in the Wizard docs) has information on using the transition framework. It can be used with your own controls. You can see in our Shared library XBAP demo on our web site where we use it in several places.

We just got the VS2008 Beta 2 set up on an XP VPC over here yesterday. I loaded up Wizard on it and see what you are describing. I've changed the RequestNavigate code so that there is no compilation error any more.

For the crash when running the .exe outside of the debugger, I believe you probably don't have the Wizard and Shared assemblies copyied to the bin folder where you run the .exe from. If those cannot be located, the app will crash since it's unable to find a dependency. Please post whether that was the issue.

Could you go into a bit more detail on the evaluation popup showing up? Like please provide the exact steps that cause it to show frequently and blow up. It should only be showing when you compile and the first time a Wizard control is created during a run-time session.


Actipro Software Support

Posted 17 years ago by Mark Sironi
The eval popup appears to show up every single time you compile if you have a xaml file open that has wizard content.

Sometimes when the compile finishes I get an error in the error list "attempt to access unloaded AppDomain" (not sure on the exact text). Once this happens the next time you shift the focus into either the design surface or the xaml source (say you click on it or type a key if the editor already has focus) vs crashes.

EDIT: To add to this I'm in the middle of messing around with content in my wizard now and vs has crashed 3 times in 15 minutes while debugging. All 3 times my app comes up, then the nag box comes up from the build (or from the xaml editor getting the focus back after the build which is what I think really does it).

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