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Posted 17 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
New maintenance releases of all Windows Forms and ASP.NET products are now available. A Shared/WinUICore update is part of these releases. Product updates for SyntaxEditor and UIStudio include:


SyntaxEditor Control
  • Added code to the SyntaxEditor control so that if its Visible property is set to false then it will hide any displayed IntelliPrompt popups.
  • Added code to the SyntaxEditor control to catch ObjectDisposedExceptions that could be raised during an Invoke from the SemanticParserService worker thread.
  • Updated the member list so that if AcceptsTab is false and the editor loses focus, the member list will abort.
  • Updated the member list's GetItemReflectionForAssemblyNamespacesAndTypes method to skip over public classes that have Type.IsVisible = false in .NET 2.0 or later.
  • Changed the undo/redo code so that when an undo or redo operation occurs, both stacks are properly updated before the selection changed event fires.
  • Added the SemanticParserService.HasPendingRequest method, which returns whether the serivce has a pending request with the specified hash key.
  • Added a performance enhancement related to the Simple language's PerformAutomaticOutlining implementation, which will show up especially in large documents.
  • Tweaked how font descents are calculated when using multiple fonts.
  • Updated code in OutliningNode.CollapseDescendants and ExpandDescendants to perform much faster when there are a lot of child nodes.
  • Fixed a bug in AstNodeBase where HasEndOffset might return false if the node is located in the Document.HeaderText region during semantic parsing.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could be thrown in a certain document modification scenario when using span indicators that change fonts.
  • Fixed a bug where a span indicator that ended right before a blank line could draw incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in the EditorViewFindReplace class where the search start offset wasn't being set properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the move and select up commands when dealing with word wrapped lines.
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Added a performance enhancement related to the language's PerformAutomaticOutlining implementation, which will show up especially in large documents.
  • Fixed a bug where inherited interfaces wouldn't always include the proper members in a member list.
  • Fixed an attribute semantic grammar syntax bug in the C# language.
  • Fixed a bug where jagged array types weren't being reflected correctly from assembly references.
  • Fixed a bug where types that used multiple pointers weren't being reflected correctly from assembly references.
Web Languages Add-on
  • Added code so that when typing a > on a start tag for an element that cannot contain content, a / is auto-inserted before the >.
  • Added the XmlSchemaResolver.DtdSupportEnabled property, which when enabled switches the resolver to use a DTD specified in the XML for validation. Note that no automated IntelliPrompt is supported based on a DTD.
  • Added the XmlSchemaResolver.DtdPath property, which can be used when DtdSupportEnabled is true to designate the path where the DTD files are found.
  • Added a performance enhancement related to the language's PerformAutomaticOutlining implementation, which will show up especially in large documents.
  • Updated the XML lexer so that entities with Ӓ syntax are properly recognized.
  • Fixed a bug where the display of an attribute value member list might not work if there was whitespace in between the attribute name and the equal sign.
  • Changed the Element.Key property so that it includes the element name in square brackets. This can be used as a key for passing to OutliningNode.CollapseDescendants.
  • Changed how the XML is loaded for validation to better handle XML that is specified with UTF-16 encoding.
  • Updated the validation routines to allow for DTD loading.


Dock Controls / TabStrip
  • Added the DockManager.AutoHideCloseDelay property, which is the delay (in milliseconds) to leave a visible auto-hide window open when the mouse moves away from it.
  • Added code to try and prevent flicker on tool windows when in inner fill mode and a tool window's visibility is toggled.
  • Enhanced tool window layout saving/loading so that if UnknownToolWindowStatePreservationEnabled is true and there is state information that doesn't have a tool window that used it yet, the state information will be persisted to the tool window layout file.
  • Updated the ToolWindow.Activate(false) code so that if a tool window is already active in an auto-hide state, it will not receive focus but will be visible until the auto-close delay (DockManager.AutoHideCloseDelay) expires.
  • Fixed a bug where tool window containers were ignoring the DockManager.AutoSelectTabOnDragOver setting of false.
  • Fixed a bug where when doing a drag/rearrange of a window within its current tabbed location, it could become out of sync with the container.
  • Fixed a bug where document tab dragging could stop working in a certain scenario.
Bar Controls
  • Made major improvements in layout speed when many command links are used.
  • Changed the popup menu resizing code to help prevent a flicker if called at a certain time during initialization.
  • Updated code that processed dragged floating toolbars.
  • Updated dockable toolbars so that a minimum height is used based on the system font size. This ensures that when toolbars containing links with text are added to a row, the row height remains consistent in large font mode.
  • Updated the designer so that when creating a control-specific renderer, it will allow for selection of the newer Office 2007 renderer.
  • Changed the Office2007NavigationBarRenderer to default to using the Office2007Blue color scheme.
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries, which contain some memory and performance enhancements.

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