What is everyone's opinion on line terminators? Right now for ease/speed of parsing, when a file is loaded into SyntaxEditor, it converts all line feeds internally to \n only. You can export the text back out using any standard line terminator combination via Document.GetText, etc.

Do you like how this is done or do you think that line terminators should be preserved as they were loaded. VS preserves them however the downside is that it makes parsing a lot more complex because now in many cases we have to look for \r or \n or \r\n. Just the fact that it could be one or two chars makes it much more complex.

I've generally been under the opinion that converting to \n only makes everything much more straightforward and when you get Document.Text, it returns the line terminators to \r\n for you so it's no big deal. Knowing that line terminators are a single \n only when parsing does help speed up code.

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