UIStudio (for WinForms) 2.0.0097 Maintenance Release

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Posted 16 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new UIStudio (for Windows Forms) maintenance release is now available. Updates include:

Bar Controls
  • Added the DockableToolBar.AutoShowForMode property.
  • Changed popup buttons so that if tooltips are enabled, they will not display a tooltip when their popup is active.
  • Changed keyboard behavior so that using arrow keys to navigate on a MenuBar will skip over disabled items.
  • Fixed a bug where the pressing of mnemonic keys while a menu was open didn't always pay attention to command link visibility.
  • Fixed a bug where when a menu was open with the mouse over an item and the keyboard was used to select an item, the previously selected item under the mouse didn't clear its hover state.
  • Fixed a bug where when the keyboard was used to navigate a menu or menubar, the mouse could no longer hover over items to highlight them.
Dock Controls / TabStrip
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could occur when closing a tool window that was opened in response to a document window in a rare scenario.
  • Made some minor tweaks to allow the Dock controls to be used in a WPF app if desired.
  • Added the NavigationBar.OverflowMenuButtonVisible property.

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