How do I make ToolWindow tab remain when docked?

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Posted 16 years ago by Bjørnar Sundsbø - Norway
Version: 4.5.0482
When adding a ToolWindow to a ToolWindowContainer (AutoHideContainer), the tool windows has a tab button along the sides of the workspace. When the ToolWindow is docked, the tab button disappears. Is there a way to keep the button along the sides even if the toolwindow is docked?

If I add a bunch of ToolWindows to one container, and dock one or two of them, then undock/autohide again, the tab button is spaced from the other tab buttons. When they are in the same container, how can I space the tab buttons a few pixels?

When docking a window, is it removed from its original ToolWindowContainer? And when undocking/autohiding, is it placed in a new ToolWindowContainer? If this is the case, it makes sense that the tab button disappears from the sides, as the item is removed from an ItemPresenter (or something like that).

Is there a way to have a tool window always belong to its original container?

Best regards,
Bjørnar Sundsbø

Bjørnar Sundsbø

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Posted 16 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Sorry but the tabs only appear there to indicate that the tool windows are in auto-hide mode.

When you dock a tool window and take it out of auto-hide mode, it does move to a new dock container. Do you by chance have AutoHidePerContainer set to false? If you do, that allows individual tool windows in an auto-hide group to be taken out of auto-hide mode. By leaving it its default value of true, the entire group redocks as a single container and you shouldn't run into the spacing issue when placing them back in auto-hide mode.

I'll add an item to the TODO list to try and improve recognition of existing auto-hide groups when auto-hiding single windows again.

Actipro Software Support

The latest build of this product (v24.1.2) was released 2 months ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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