WPF Studio 2009.2 build 0512 Maintenance Release

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. Updates include:


  • Added work around for exception raised when attempting to get DataGridRow when DataGrid is not currently loaded.


  • Fixed issue with MoveToNewHorizontalContainer and MoveToNewVerticalContainer commands where document windows would look like tool widnows.
  • Fixed issue with tracking DocumentWindow and ToolWindow locations when opened and then immediately closed.
  • Fixed issue with bindings that use FindAncestor when changing the current theme.
  • Fixed issue where document windows were being affected by DockSite's ToolWindowsHaveOptions, ToolWindowsHaveTitleBars, and CanToolWindowsDrag properties.
  • Fixed issue tracking active rafting windows which host WinForms interop controls.


  • Added delay when fading out ZoomContentControl's view control pane to prevent fading when moving between sections.
  • Fixed issue where BreadcrumbItem would not property update expanded item when it's items were changed.


  • Tweaked ComboBox default style so toggle button is highlighted when focused like in Word.
  • Updated recent document menu shortcut keys to ensure focus moves out of the app menu so it closes.
  • Fixed an positioning bug with RibbonWindow when dragging from Maximized in Windows 7.


  • Updated how editor views tracked view line data in preparation for new view-specific features like collapsed text and intra-text spacing (both still work-in-progress).
  • Improved token tagger performance in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where styles with backgrounds that word wrapped could throw an exception.
  • Fixed a completion list resize bug.
  • Fixed a bug in the JScript and Java language definitions where they weren't parsing strings/chars correctly.

Shared Library

  • Updated assembly reflection code in ThemeManager.
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2008 designer issue where image picker was not showing folder image.
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2010 designer issue where image URI values did not correctly reflect value set in XAML.

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