WPF Studio 2009.2 build 0513 Maintenance Release

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. Updates include:


  • Added work around for exception raised when using NewRowTemplateBehavior and targeting .NET 4 DataGrid.


  • Added ability to "lock" the current dock guides by holding down the Shift key.
  • Added RaftingWindow.IsTitleAutoUpdated property which allows the Title to be synchronized with the selected docking window when there is a single container.
  • Updated window dragging and resizing code to better handle various DPI settings.
  • Fixed issue where dock guides would be visible but not usable when displayed over a floating document window.
  • Fixed issue where MDI documents would disappear when docking windows in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with using Docking & MDI in partial trust XBAP applications.
  • Fixed issue with docking guides being obscured when the target window was too small.
  • Fixed issue where the active doument would not be sorted correctly until after the WindowActivated event was fired.
  • Fixed unhandled exception that was intermittently raised when dragging a floating window.


  • Reorganized theme resources to reduce assembly size.
  • Fixed issue with Double, In32, Int32Rect, Point, Rect, Size, and Vector editors preventing values larger than maximum value from being entered.


  • Added IsMaximizeButtonVisible and IsMinimizeButtonVisible properties to RibbonWindow.
  • <li Foreground="Maroon">Added KeyTipAccessText property to IRibbonCommandUIProvider interface to support setting default key tip via command.</li>
  • Updated RibbonWindow to render title bar text in white when used in .NET 4, since .NET 4 no longer supports bitmap glow effects. We will be basing our products on .NET 3.5 SP1 starting with the WPF Studio 2010.1 release. At that point we'll switch to using shader effects for title glows, which are supported by .NET 4.


  • Made a large number of internal updates in preparation for upcoming code outlining features.
  • Fixed a bug in the VB lexer within the .NET Languages Add-on, which is still a placeholder for future functionality.
  • Fixed several bugs in the JScript and Java language definitions.
  • Fixed a bug with macro recording and mouse selection.

Shared Library

  • Added IsMaximizeButtonVisible and IsMinimizeButtonVisible properties to GlassWindow.

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