Posted 14 years ago by Chris Thompson
Version: 10.1.0520
Will PixelSnapper potentially improve text blurriness that occurs when windows are resized? Will PixelSnapper help with button text? Should I wrap a PixelSnapper around every element or can I wrap the entire content of a window in a PixelSnapper? Or lets say I have a StackPanel with a bunch of buttons, can I wrap the StackPanel in a PixelSnapper or should I wrap each button in a PixelSnapper?

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Hi Chris,

No PixelSnapper will just help with line antialiasing. However .NET 4 should improve text rendering. And actually I believe .NET 4 adds an inherited property that can do layout rounding, which may do what PixelSnapper is doing.

PixelSnapper is only helpful to wrap around content that will have a fractional size. Since text always ends up being fractional, it is a good thing to wrap.

So if you have buttons that have text content, you'd want to wrap the text content with the PixelSnapper to keep all the button borders on integer locations.

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