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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A major new version of Silverlight Studio is now available that adds significant new functionality to SyntaxEditor, demos the new Web Languages Add-on, and adds a Book control to Views.

Detailed Update List


  • Added the Web Languages Add-on (sold separately from Silverlight Studio) that includes an advanced XML syntax language implementation with validation, code outlining, formatting, and automated IntelliPrompt quick info.
  • Added the LL(*) Parser Framework, which makes it easy to construct advanced text parsers using EBNF-like grammar natively written in C#/VB that integrate easily with SyntaxEditor, have customizable AST construction, robust error handling, and many more features.
  • Completely redesigned the Getting Started QuickStart series into a 17-part start-to-finish language implementation that shows everything from parsing to realistic IntelliPrompt.
  • Added printing support via the SyntaxEditor.ShowPrintDialog method and PrintSettings property, along with related samples.
  • Added a new Language Transitions QuickStart that shows how to merge two independent languages together.
  • Added the SquiggleTagQuickInfoProvider service that can be registered on a language to automatically provide IntelliPrompt quick info tips for parse errors returned by a parser.
  • Added the ISquiggleTag.ContentProvider property.
  • Added multiple auto-indent options for languages, with the new default being to Block indent.
  • Added the IIndentProvider service, which can be registered on a syntax language to indicate which indent mode to use, and how much to smart indent when Smart indent mode is active. Added related IndentMode enumeration.
  • Added the ITextFormatter service, which can be registered on a syntax language to add text formatting support.
  • Added the IParseRequest.Language property, which passes the syntax language that owns the parser, if known.
  • Added the ITextSnapshotReader.Language property, which returns the language at the current reader offset.
  • Added the IMergableLexer.GetAllLexicalStateTransitions method.
  • Added the IMergableLexer.CreateChangeBatch method that should be wrapped around sections of code that change mergable lexers, and the related Changed event.
  • Enhanced the default ISearchResultSet object's ToString method to output a multi-line string specifying results, useful in results tool windows.
  • Added the IEditorView.IntelliPrompt property that allows for requesting IntelliPrompt sessions programmatically.
  • Updated code that uses IQuickInfoProvider.ContextTypes such that derived classes from the ContextTypes are recognized, allowing for interfaces and base classes to be specified in ContextTypes.
  • Updated how the outlining manager processes language changes.
  • Updated snapshot readers to return a document end token when at the end of the snapshot, that provides context about the lexical state at the snapshot end.
  • Updated the ordering mechanism used when consuming language services.
  • Updated dynamic lexer so that patterns can be dynamically added/removed if within a 'using' DynamicLexer.CreateChangeBatch block.
  • Added the ITextSnapshotLine.IndentAmount property.
  • Added the ITextSnapshotReader.GoToNextMatchingTokenById and GoToPreviousMatchingTokenById methods.
  • Moved the AutoConvertTabsToSpaces, TabSize, TabSizeChanged props from IEditorDocument to base ITextDocument class.
  • Added handling to the Language Designer's LL Parser Debugger to catch exceptions thrown from parser callbacks.
  • Added the ITextViewLine.TextRangeIncludingLineTerminator and SnapshotRangeIncludingLineTerminator properties.
  • Added the IOutliningManager.EnsureExpanded method and updated views to ensure the selection auto-expands any containing collapsed outlining nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where decorators such as squiggle lines over line terminators wouldn't render.
  • Fixed an exception that could raise if HasHorizontalSplit or HasVerticalSplit are set true in XAML.
  • Fixed a bug where two IntelliPrompt Quick Info providers returning data for the same offset didn't work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a completion list in a selection change handler could throw an exception.
  • Fixed a bug where replace operations were not escaping Kleene operator characters in replace text properly.
  • Fixed a bug with redo and the setting of the document's IsModified flag.
  • Fixed a bug where regex replacement patterns weren't using the backslash character as an escape.
  • Fixed a bug where code outlining wasn't auto-collapsing default collapsed nodes within other default collapsed nodes.
  • Updated built-in completion list icons to use 24-bit alpha transparency.
  • Exited beta status: source code is now available.


  • Added new Book control and several demos and QuickStarts.

Shared Library

  • Added Unit value type, and supporting classes, which can be used to specify measurements in either pixels, inches, centimeters, points, or as a percentage.
  • Added several extension methods for the Double, Int32, Point, and Size types.

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