WPF Studio 2010.2 build 532 Maintenance Release

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. This large maintenance release adds an Office 2010-like Backstage application menu to Ribbon, with numerous related new controls and styles.


  • Updated containers to only set docking window Style if not locally set.
  • Updated deserialization to reuse existing Workspace and TabbedMdiHost/StandardMdiHost when possible, in order to retain settings.
  • Fixed issue with DockingWindow.CurrentStateProperty not being properly inherited down.
  • Fixed issue with resizing auto-hidden tool windows in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with restoring the size of tabbed MDI documents.
  • Fixed issue with using the TextBox context menu when editing the title of a DocumentWindow.
  • Fixed issue with ToolWindowContainer/ToolWindows being incorrectly restored to a small size.
  • Fixed issue with lazily restoring layout information for auto-hide and floating ToolWindows.
  • Fixed issue with focus being incorrectly moved when using popups.
  • Fixed issue with stretching single tabs not completely filling the available space.


  • Added new CornerRadiusEditBox, Int64EditBox, and ThicknessEditBox controls, and associated samples.
  • Added a new DoubleEditBox Temperature Entry QuickStart.
  • Enhanced automation support by setting default values for AutomationProperties.Name attached property.
  • Updated close button Style used in several drop-downs to use a ComponentResourceKey, so it can easily be customized.
  • Updated MaskedTextBox to allow Text property to be set from a TextChanged event handler.
  • Added support for new parts-editors to Ribbon (Interop), PropertyGrid (Interop), and DataGrid (Interop).
  • Fixed an issue with DateTimeEditBox drop-down showing incorrect date when changing Value in a ValueChanged event handler.
  • Fixed an issue with TimeSpanEditBox throwing an exception in certain cases while the SpinBehavior is set to SimpleWrap.


  • Fixed exception when using DigitalGauge character casing feature with null text.


  • Updated how NavigationBar styles are structured, and set NavigationBar.Background to not be transparent in Office 2010 themes.


  • Fixed issue with null reference exception being raised in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with columns rendering very narrow when horizontal scrolling is enabled in PropertyGrid.
  • Fixed issue with using deferred scrolling and virtualization.


  • Added new Backstage, BackstageTab, TaskTabControl, and TaskTabItem controls. Updated the main demo and added a new QuickStart to show off Backstage.
  • Added the Ribbon.IsApplicationMenuOpenChanged event, which also fires for Backstage.
  • Added the Ribbon.ApplicationButtonLabel property, which allows dynamic changing of the Scenic application button's text at run-time. Updated related QuickStart to show new feature.
  • Added the ComboBox.StaysOpenOnClick property.
  • Updated Tabs so that pressing Tab will enter the group items.
  • Fixed a bug where key tips with partial matches weren't marking the key down event has handled.
  • Fixed a bug where number keys could access a disabled RecentDocumentMenu.


  • Added new Getting Started QuickStarts showing how to implement a smart indent provider and a text formatter.
  • Added the ITextSnapshotLine.IndentAmount property.
  • Added the ITextSnapshotReader.GoToNextMatchingTokenById and GoToPreviousMatchingTokenById methods.
  • Moved the AutoConvertTabsToSpaces, TabSize, TabSizeChanged props from IEditorDocument to base ITextDocument class.
  • Added handling to the Language Designer's LL Parser Debugger to catch exceptions thrown from parser callbacks.
  • Added the ITextViewLine.TextRangeIncludingLineTerminator and SnapshotRangeIncludingLineTerminator properties.
  • Added the IOutliningManager.EnsureExpanded method and updated views to ensure the selection auto-expands any containing collapsed outlining nodes.
  • Updated the auto-generated context menu to only create if the ContextMenuService.IsEnabled attached property is true.
  • Updated IntelliPrompt completion sessions to allow opening of a new second session in a DocumentTextChanged handler from a first session's commit.
  • Added the ICompletionSession.Context property that stores contextual data about why the session was opened.
  • Added an ICompletionSession.SortItems override that accepts a custom IComparer to do the sorting.
  • Added the CompletionItemSortComparer object, which is the default IComparer sorting implementation.
  • Fixed a bug where decorators such as squiggle lines over line terminators wouldn't render.
  • Fixed a bug where code outlining wasn't auto-collapsing default collapsed nodes within other default collapsed nodes.
  • Improved data binding support via SyntaxEditor.IsTextDataBindingEnabled property to properly handle various binding scenarios.
  • BREAK: Changed namespaces of classes in the .NET Languages Add-on assemblies in preparation for upcoming development.

LL(*) Parser Framework

  • Updated Grammar to allow document end terminals to be used in productions, useful as VB statement terminators for instance.
  • Fixed a bug where Grammar not generate match conditions properly when encountering recursive non-terminal sequences.
  • Added the Symbol.CanMatch method, which returns whether a Terminal or NonTerminal can start to match a given IParserState.
  • Added the Grammar.NonTerminals and Terminals properties.
  • Improved the error reporting infrastructure.

Web Languages Add-on

  • Added a text formatter service with multiple options to the XML syntax language.
  • Changed the XML root element to not collapse when Collapse to Definitions is executed.
  • Added the XmlCompletionProvider.OnSessionOpening virtual method, which allows for custom sorting/filtering of items before display.


  • Fixed an issue with selecting content of BookPage in Visual Studio 2010 designer.

Shared Library

  • Combined the WPF Studio evaluation and full release installers into a single download with an option for which release mode to install.
  • Added the IDocumentReference.Description, ImageSourceLarge, and ImageSourceSmall properties.
  • Updated designer support for PopupButton to allow PopupContent and PopupMenu to be expanded in Blend Objects and Timeline window.
  • Updated AnimatedExpanderDecorator to only use storyboard when the duration is non-zero.

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