WPF Studio 2010.2 build 533 Maintenance Release

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. Updates include:


  • Added support for DockingWindow ContentTemplate and ContentTemplateSelector properties.
  • Updated document dragging preview to only show floating preview rectangle if DocumentWindows can be rafted.
  • Fixed issue with docking windows still being able to be dropped in the tabbed MDI area even when CanBecomeDocument is set to false.
  • Fixed issue with docking a single tool window in the tabbed MDI area raising an exception.
  • Fixed issue restoring layout of floating windows when they are closed.
  • Fixed issue with dragging rafting windows that are not owned by the main window when the main window is minimized.


  • Fixed issue with HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset of ZoomDecorator not being properly coerced.


  • Updated code to stretch value column when horizontal scrolling is enabled.
  • Added option to specify whether the sub-items of a collapsed item should be measured/arranged.
  • Fixed issue with columns getting clipped when resizing PropertyGrid.
  • Fixed issue with nested sub-categories being duplicated.
  • Fixed issue with auto-sizing columns when horizontal scrolling is enabled.


  • Made several minor updates (one involving ScrollViewer layout on Backstage) to ensure Ribbon meets all of the newly-updated Microsoft Ribbon specifications for Office 2010 styles.
  • Made a couple minor tweaks to styles.
  • Fixed a bug with focus when exiting key tip mode with Backstage open.


  • Added the QuickInfoProviderKeys class, which contains the keys for the built-in quick info providers.
  • Added a new QuickStart to show watermark rendering in the text area.
  • Added a DefaultAstNode class that implements IAstNode and can be created within custom ITreeConstructionNode implementations.
  • Updated IntelliPrompt completion list description tips to move when the completion list width changes due to auto-shrink.
  • Updated the context menu so Shift+F10 will show it next to the caret if the caret is visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the horizontal scrollbar might not properly update when resizing horizontally or activating a vertical split.
  • Fixed a bug where inactive views might scroll to where edits were made in other views.
  • Fixed a bug where the document AutoCharacterCasing property wasn't working.
  • Fixed a bug where hit testing might not produce correct results when the editor is scrolled horizontally.
  • Updated the Language Designer to output .g in the filenames of generated C#/VB files to designate them as generated.

Web Languages Add-on

  • Updated the attribute completion list so that typing a '=' character will work properly.

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