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Posted 13 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A major new version of Silverlight Studio is now available that adds two new products and demos the new optional premium SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on.

Detailed Update List

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  • First product release.


SyntaxEditor Control
  • Added a new SyntaxLanguageParsingExtensions.Parse extension method that uses the language's IParser to parse specified text in the calling thread and return the IParseData result.
  • Added the AstNodeBase class, which is an abstract base class intended for type-specific AST nodes.
  • Added a DefaultAstNode class that implements IAstNode and can be created within custom ITreeConstructionNode implementations.
  • Made major performance improvements while scanning a snapshot using a reader, and also when performing large replace all operations.
  • Updated parse errors to display squiggles when the parse error occurs at the document end."></ListBoxItem>
    <li>Added a new QuickStart to show watermark rendering in the text area."></ListBoxItem>
    <li>Updated IntelliPrompt completion sessions to allow opening of a new second session in a DocumentTextChanged handler from a first session's commit.
  • Added the ICompletionSession.Context property that stores contextual data about why the session was opened.
  • Added an ICompletionSession.SortItems override that accepts a custom IComparer to do the sorting.
  • Added the CompletionItemSortComparer object, which is the default IComparer sorting implementation.
  • Added the QuickInfoProviderKeys class, which contains the keys for the built-in quick info providers.
  • Added a virtual CollapsedRegionQuickInfoProvider.GetContent method that allows for overriding of the quick info content displayed for collapsed nodes.
  • Improved data binding support via SyntaxEditor.IsTextDataBindingEnabled property to properly handle various binding scenarios.
  • Updated clicks on a selection when setting focus to collapse the selection.
  • Added features to the Language Designer to support generation of lexical state ID and token ID classes for programmatic lexers.
  • Updated the Language Designer so that a property grid drop-down of classification type keys is provided anywhere that classification type keys can be specified.
  • Updated SyntaxEditor automation peer to support setting focus by passing call to first focusable view.
  • Updated internal management of text changes.
  • Updated caret move code when there is a selection.
  • Updated code for moving the caret around intra-text spacers.
  • Fixed a bug where swapping languages may not auto-collapse default collapsed outlining nodes in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where swapping a document within a SyntaxEditor in a certain scenario may cause an exception in the collapsed region manager code.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on a completion list scrollbar would commit the session.
  • Fixed a bug where the horizontal scrollbar might not properly update when resizing horizontally.
  • Fixed a bug where inactive views might scroll to where edits were made in other views.
  • Fixed a bug where the document AutoCharacterCasing property wasn't working.
  • Fixed a bug where hit testing might not produce correct results when the editor is scrolled horizontally.
  • Fixed a bug where SyntaxEditor would not request the appropriate minimum desired size when not stretched vertically or horizontally.
  • Fixed a bug where hit tests over line terminators didn't indicate a character result.
  • Fixed a bug where switching documents within a SyntaxEditor might throw an exception if decorators (like squiggles) are visible.
LL(*) Parser Framework
  • Added the ITypedTreeConstructionNode interface, which is used to define a tree construction node that can create a type-specific AST node.
  • Updated the Language Designer to support the design and generation of type-specific AST nodes.
  • Updated the Language Designer to support the debugging of assemblies that contain more than one LLParser.
  • Added Ast, AstConditional, and AstFrom method overloads on Grammar that accept type parameters and create type-specific AST nodes.
  • Added a Grammar.AstChildrenFrom method overload that accepts a nesting level parameter, thus allowing for retrieval of nodes two or more levels deep.
  • Added the Grammar.AstCount tree construction node creation method that produces a node whose value is the count of AST nodes generated by child nodes.
  • Added the ParentTreeConstructionNodeBase class, which can be used as the base for a tree construction node that has other tree construction node children.
  • Added the ITokenReader.Push and Pop methods, which when used together allow for infinite look-ahead of tokens.
  • Added the ITokenReader.AreNext method, which is a helper method for determining if the next look-ahead tokens match the specified sequence of token IDs.
  • Added an IParserState.ReportError overload with an IToken parameter, reporting the parse error over the token's range.
  • Added the Symbol.CanMatch method, which returns whether a Terminal or NonTerminal can start to match a given IParserState.
  • Added the Grammar.NonTerminals and Terminals properties.
  • Added the Terminal.CanMatchCallback property, which lets you provide custom code indicating whether a single terminal can match. This is useful for scenarios where you have an identifier token that must have a certain text value, etc.
  • Updated terminal and non-terminal expected parse errors to report on the current line, in scenarios where the look-ahead token is on another later line.
  • Added the LLParserBase.InitializeParserState method that can be used to initialize the IParserState.CustomData property from an IParseRequest's data, right before parsing starts.
  • Made parser performance improvements.
  • Removed Error nodes from being inserted into ASTs when non-terminals failed since they could produce unpredictable results when later consuming the AST.
  • BREAK: Removed the EmptyTreeConstructionNode class. Use the TreeConstructionNodeBase or ParentTreeConstructionNodeBase classes as base classes for custom tree construction nodes instead.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • First beta release, with code outlining, parsing, AST construction, syntax error reporting, and more for C# and Visual Basic documents (automated IntelliPrompt will be added in future builds).
  • Added several samples to show off the add-on.
Web Languages Add-on
  • Made massive performance improvements when typing and showing IntelliPrompt in larger documents.
  • Added the IXmlSchemaResolver.DefaultNamespace and DefaultNamespacePrefixMappings properties which allows for xmlns-style namespace declarations to be made without the need for xmlns attributes in the root element.


  • Added new FanPanel control and demo.
  • Added new IsAnimated attached property to disable panel animations on a per element basis.


  • First product release.

Shared Library

  • Added new Rating control and associated samples.
  • Added new RadioButtonList control and associated samples.
  • Fixed issue with exception being raised when quickly toggling TransitionPresenter.Content between two elements.

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