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Posted 13 years ago by Ken Hanson

I have my xml contained in a string, so I am using SetText to populate the Editor's Document. I found found that I must manualy cause the formater to cause the line breaks and indentation. When the XML document is moderatly large this formating takes an extreem amount of time.

I must be doing something wrong, here is the basics all broken down into a single set of statements.

EditSourceWindow w = new EditSourceWindow();


//note that the string 's' contains about 300k characters of well formed xml, which works, but is extreemly slow when formating

string s = _designer.CurrentDocument.SaveDocumentToString();

XmlSchemaResolver schemaResolver = new XmlSchemaResolver();

XmlTextFormatter formater = (w.xmlEditor.Document.Language as XmlSyntaxLanguage).GetTextFormatter() as XmlTextFormatter;
XmlOutliner outliner = (w.xmlEditor.Document.Language as XmlSyntaxLanguage).GetOutliner() as XmlOutliner;
formater.ElementSpacingMode = XmlElementSpacingMode.RemoveEmptyLines;
formater.AttributeSpacingMode = XmlAttributeSpacingMode.NormalizeWhitespace;

w.xmlEditor.IsOutliningMarginVisible = true;
w.xmlEditor.IsLineNumberMarginVisible = true;
w.xmlEditor.Document.OutliningMode = ActiproSoftware.Windows.Controls.SyntaxEditor.Outlining.OutliningMode.Default;


TextSnapshotRange tsr = w.xmlEditor.Document.CurrentSnapshot.SnapshotRange;
w.xmlEditor.Document.InsertText(TextChangeTypes.AutoFormat, 0, "");

catch (Exception ex)


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Posted 13 years ago by Ken Hanson
A bit more information. It appears that the problem occurs because the xml I am passing in is not already nicely formated with cr/lf after elements, it is one long string, a properly formated xml string, but one long string.

I assumed that the formatter would be ok with this, but it seems to really bog down in this case.

I have implemented a pre-formating and things are much better, however I would presume this is a bug to be looked at, unless I'm missing something else.


The latest build of this product (v24.1.2) was released 0 days ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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