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Posted 13 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. Docking/MDI adds linked dock site capabilities and improved Interop content support. The Shared Library adds new gradient and component slider controls. The SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on adds automated IntelliPrompt quick info and completion lists. PropertyGrid adds ability to harness WinForms UITypeEditors.

Detailed Update List

Bar Code

  • Added AllowLowercase option to QrCodeSymbology.


  • BREAK: Added support for linking DockSites, which allows documents or tools to be dragged from one DockSite to another.
  • Added support for Interop content in auto-hide popups when UseHostedAutoHidePopups is false.
  • Added several methods that allow DockingWindow to be moved within its current parent container.
  • Added LastActiveDocumentChanged and LastActiveToolWindowChanged direct events to DockSite.
  • Updated popups used when UseHostedAutoHidePopups is false to automatically prevent them from appearing on top of other windows.
  • Updated dock guides and previews so they appear on top of floating windows.
  • Updated non-hosted popup to be logical child of DockSite to allow bubbled events to be handled.
  • Tweaked margin and padding of docking window tabs when in a tabbed MDI so content is always properly aligned.
  • Updated DockingWindow IsOpen property to be read/write, which allows for better MVVM interaction.
  • Fixed issue with the attached behavior used by MVVM samples when items are specified using StaticResource instead of Binding.
  • Fixed issue with rafting windows getting clipped at higher DPI settings.
  • Fixed issue with restoring rafting windows to previous location at higher DPI settings.
  • Fixed issue with closing DockingWindow from a TitleChanged event handler.
  • Fixed unhandled exception when dragging ToolWindows over tabbed MDI area that is missing an associated Workspace.
  • Fixed issue with docking previews not always being shown when UseHostedAutoHidePopups was set to false.
  • Fixed issue with floating window previews that included an unneeded margin.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect dock guides showing when a floating window is dragged over a tool window container.
  • Fixed unhandled exception when dragging a docking window that contains one or more parts-based editor from Editors for WPF.
  • Fixed issue with dock guides being hidden when locking guides using Shift key and dragging ToolWindow over ToolWindowContainer's titlebar.
  • Fixed issue with auto creating DocumentWindows during layout deserialization.
  • Fixed issue with TabbedMdiContainer/ToolWindowContainer not properly displaying content in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with closing/restoring floating document windows when the associated DockSite is hidden/shown.
  • Fixed issue with DockSite.DefaultControlSize not be applied in all cases.
  • Fixed issue with rafting windows being hidden if visibility of DockSite is quickly toggled off then on.
  • Fixed issue with auto-hidden tool windows in a floating nested DockSite not opening/closing appropriately.
  • Fixed issue with auto-hidden tool windows not closing automatically when dragging over them then moving the mouse away.
  • Fixed issue where Docked menu item would not take DockSite.AutoHidePerContainer into account as needed.


  • BREAK: Added support for entering gradient brushes to BrushEditBox.
  • Added new IsCaseAutoCorrected option to MaskedTextBox to support case correction.
  • Changed the Rating ItemCount property to a dependency property.
  • Fixed issue with using DateTimeEditBox and MonthCalendar in a separate UI thread.
  • Fixed issue with drop-down of PartEditBox and its derivations closing prematurely when the control with focus was removed.


  • Fixed issue with initially scrolling left-aligned text in a DigitalGauge to the left.
  • Fixed unhandled exception when resizing DigitalGauge very small.


  • Added NavigationBar.IsHeaderVisible property which is used to replicate the Office 2010 look.
  • Updated NavigationBar options window to disable item reordering when items are not NavigationPanes in order to better support MVVM.
  • Fixed issue with menus immediately closing when using Breadcrumb in the details section of a DataGrid row.


  • Added new PropertyGrid/WinForms Interop assembly which includes backward support for custom UITypeEditors.
  • Added new Selective Read-Only QuickStart that shows how to enable/disable properties based on the values of other properties.
  • Added new Selective Visibility QuickStart that shows how to show/hide properties based on the values of other properties.
  • Changed ExpandableCollectionConverter.AddItem method to be virtual to allow custom behaviors.
  • Fixed issue with objects that raise INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged event from a separate thread.
  • Fixed issue with uncommitted changes being lost when adding/removing items from a collection using inline editing buttons.


  • Updated the Group control to not animate on mouseover when the themes:ThemeProperties.AreAnimationsEnabled attached property is false, which is useful when using Ribbon over a remote connection.
  • Updated RibbonWindow to use a standalone overlay ResizeGrip when CanResizeWithGrip resize mode is set and there is no integrated StatusBar.
  • Tweaked some of the themes.
  • Exposed AttachToInputManager/DetachFromInputManager methods on PopupControlControls to support displaying screen tips/popups in a separate UI thread.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous release where the orb application menu might not show properly.
  • Fixed a bug where empty galleries may cause groups to measure incorrectly.


  • Added a new adornments QuickStart that shows how to add color preview adornments to a language.
  • Added the IAstNode.Parent property, and updated the LL(*) Parser Framework to automatically recursively assign it on an AST following parsing completion.
  • Added the IAstNode.Id property, IAstNodeIdProvider interface, and AstNodeIdProviderBase class.
  • Updated the Language Designer to support code generation of AST node ID values.
  • Added the ICodeDocumentPropertyChangeEventSink language service, that allows a language to be notified when attached document properties, such as ParseData or FileName, are changed.
  • Added the IQuickInfoSession.MaxWidth and ICompletionSession.DescriptionTipMaxWidth properties.
  • Added ITextSnapshotReader.GoToNextToken and GoToPreviousToken method overloads that accept predicates.
  • Updated the ITextDocument.SaveFile method overloads that take a path to set IsModified to false if the path is the same as the document's FileName.
  • Updated how the horizontal scrollbar maximum is determined.
  • Updated the Language Designer's code generation of dynamic lexers to use the token and lexical state ID classes for ID values instead of constants.
  • Updated the IntelliPrompt completion list to not overwrite text when the caret is at the start of a word.
  • Fixed a Language Designer bug where token and lexical state ID values for programmatic lexers weren't serializing to .langproj files correctly.
  • Fixed an operator comparison bug in the Language Designer's code generation of VB token ID classes.
  • Fixed a bug in the RTF text exporter.
  • BREAK: Updated the IServiceLocator interface to have its non-generic methods keyed off of object instead of Type, allowing for more flexibility.
  • BREAK: Updated the ICodeDocument.ParseDataChanged event to use EventHandler<ParseDataPropertyChangedEventArgs>.
  • BREAK: Updated the ITextDocument.FileNameChanged event to use EventHandler<StringPropertyChangedEventArgs>.
  • Fixed a bug where style backgrounds may not have the correct end bounds.
  • Fixed a bug where SyntaxEditor was consuming Alt+Space shortcuts.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Added automated IntelliPrompt completion lists and quick info (will be improved further in future builds).
  • Added object models to support reflection, context-building, and resolution of .NET types and members.
  • Added and updated samples to show new IntelliPrompt features.
  • Made numerous minor tweaks to the parser grammars.


  • Added new Album Viewer demo which leverages FanPanel.
  • Updated the control template of ProductListBoxItem, which is used by the various samples, to avoid Visual Studio designer issues.

Shared Library

  • Added new ColorComponentSlider control which can be used to alter a single component of a color.
  • Updated the Color Picker Demo to include the new ColorComponentSlider.
  • Added new GradientBrushSlider control which can be used to alter the stops of a gradient brush.
  • Added new GradientBrushSlider Intro Demo to demonstrate the new control.
  • Updated DocumentReference code to better handle relative Uris.
  • Fixed issue with GlassWindow getting clipped at higher DPI settings when using MinWidth/MinHeight.
  • Fixed issue with ToggleTransitionPresenter causing an exception when unloaded by a Style trigger.
  • Fixed issue with setting PopupButton.IsPreviewMouseDownHandled to true with Split display mode.
  • Fixed issue with EnumerableView falling out of sync in certain scenarios.
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