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Posted 11 years ago by Barry Etter
Version: 11.1.0113
I'm evaluating Actipro SyntaxEditor for Silverlight and am overwhelmed with the sample code (80 or so QuickStart projects for SyntaxEditor alone!?)

All I'm looking for is: A code editor supporting Python that includes IntelliPrompt support for my custom classes.

Can someone please point me to the QuickStarts I need to dig into?


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Posted 11 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Hi Barry,

Thanks for evaluating SyntaxEditor. Yes we do include a lot of samples for SyntaxEditor, but we do it so that we demonstrate each feature area in a separate example. Thus when you want to work on a particular feature, you can find the related sample and see how to do it.

We include a free basic Python language that just does syntax highlighting but not much else. That being said, SyntaxEditor is designed so that you can fully create languages that have advanced capabilities just like in Visual Studio's code editor. Our C#/VB languages in the .NET Languages Add-on were written using the public SyntaxEditor object model, so they give a good idea of what is possible with our products.

We made the Getting Started sample series specifically to show how to construct a language from start to finish. It walks through adding various features to a custom language and in some cases shows multiple ways to do things so that you can pick the best one that applies to your needs. I'd recommend you walk through the Getting Started series, as that is the best way to learn the product and how to build a custom language.

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