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DigitalGauge displays a specified value using segemented characters which are custom rendered.


The text displayed by the DigitalGauge is obtained from a "value" Object. If the value is a String, then the text is display as-is. If the value is a Double, then it is rounded down and then converted into a String. All other objects will be converted to a String using the ToString method.


DigitalGauge supports the same frame features as LinearGauge, for more information see the LinearGauge Frames topic.


The characters displayed by DigitalGauge have several options available to customize their look.

See the Characters topic for more information.

Refresh Rate

When using a DigitalGauge to display real-time data, it is possible that the value displayed by the gauge will change to quickly for the user to read the individual values. The RefreshRate property can be used to limit the number of updates displayed to the user.

The refresh rate is specified as the amount of time to wait between updates. Therefore, if the refresh rate is set to 500 milliseconds, then there will be two updates to the display every second. If several hundreds value changes are made during that second, then only two of the values will actually be displayed.

Text Scrolling

The text presented by the DigitalGauge can automatically be scrolled to the left or right. Scrolling is configured using the ScrollState property, which defaults to None.

The ScrollInterval controls the amount of time to wait before shift the characters left or right.

Led State

The led lights rendered by the DigitalGauge support three states: on (default), off, and blinking. This functionality mimics the states supported by the Led control.

See the Led Features\Led Light topic for more information.