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The Actipro WPF Shared Library is a common control library referenced by all of our WPF .NET controls. It contains a number of very useful controls and components that can be used in your projects.

The Shared Library is not a product that is sold on its own, but any developer who owns a license for one of our WPF control products is welcome to freely use any of the controls and components within the library.


General Controls

  • An AdvancedTextBlock control that can show a tooltip when overflowed, and can highlight spans of text based on captured text ranges (i.e. filter match results).
  • An AnimatedExpander control, which supports animated expand/collapse with fade in/out.
  • An AnimatedProgressBar control, which is an enhanced Aero-like progressbar with smooth value change animations, multiple states, and animated highlights.
  • A CircularThumb control, which is a thumb gripper with a circular shape and arrow adornment.
  • A CustomDrawElement element, which is an element that raises an event when it is being rendered, allowing for custom draw.
  • A DropShadowChrome decorator, which can be used to render a drop shadow for a popup.
  • A GlassWindow control, which makes it simple to extend Aero glass effects into the window client area.
  • A HorizontalListBox control, which allows for selection of items that are arranged horizontally with a uniform width.
  • A PixelSnapper decorator, which helps prevent image and border blurring in WPF.
  • A PopupButton control, which provides an implementation of a popup and split button that can display context menu popups or a popup containing any other WPF content.
  • A RadialSlider controls, which is a circular slider that can be used to input any scalar value.
  • A RadioButtonList control, which is a ListBox whose items render as radio buttons.
  • A RingSlice control, which renders a portion of a ring at designated angles and radius.
  • A RingSpinner control that is a circular busy indicator.
  • A ReflectionContentControl control, which is a content wrapper that makes it possible to create dazzling reflection effects in seconds.
  • A ResizableContentControl control, which is a content wrapper that contains a gripper for resizing the content horizontally, vertically, or both.
  • A ZeroSizeContentControl control, which is a content wrapper that can provide a zero-width or height during its measuring pass.

Color Selection Features

  • SpectrumColorPicker - A color hue spectrum-based color picker that can display initial and selected colors.
  • SpectrumSlice - Displays a slice of saturation/brightness colors for a particular hue.
  • SpectrumSlider - Displays a hue spectrum.
  • ColorComponentSlider - A slider capable of displaying and altering a single component (ARGB) of a color.
  • GradientBrushSlider - A slider capable of altering the stops of a linear or radial brush.


  • Multiple value converter classes for doing everything from conditional (if...else) results to string formatting.
  • Data validation helpers.

Document Management

  • Multiple classes for maintaining document references and tracking/persisting recently-used documents.


  • A UIColor structure that provides an enhanced representation of a Color object that supports the RGB, HSB, and HLS color models, conversion between models, and numerous other color helper methods.
  • A VisualTreeHelperExtended class that provides several helper methods for working with visual trees that are not found in the VisualTreeHelper class.

Media Animation (Transitions)

  • Barn door wipe - A wipe transition between two pages that uses two straight bars with a configurable gradient spread.
  • Bar wipe - A wipe transition between two pages that uses a straight bar with a configurable gradient spread.
  • Box wipe - A wipe transition between two pages that uses a box.
  • Fade - The old selected page fades into the new one with optional blur effect.
  • Faded zoom - A crossfade transition between two elements that zooms the new content in as well.
  • Four box wipe - A wipe transition between two pages that uses four boxes.
  • Slide - A slide transition between two pages that moves one page over the other.
  • Push - A slide transition between two pages that pushes one page out of the way for the other.
  • Wedge wipe - A wipe transition between two pages that uses a wedge shape.


  • A helper class for serializing objects to and deserializing directly from XAML.
  • A framework for easily serializing a hierarchy of objects to XML, and later restoring it.


  • Semi-ellipse, triangle, wave, and zig-zag shape classes.

This product is written in 100% pure C#, and includes detailed documentation and samples.