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The Python Language Add-on is an optional premium extra for SyntaxEditor customers that includes an advanced implementation of the Python syntax language.

The add-on has been built from the ground up by Actipro to take advantage of best practices for syntax language design. While it is already packed with innovative features, the design is completely extensible and can be enhanced or modified as much as you like.


Be sure to read through the language's "Getting Started" topic and follow each step in it exactly to ensure that the add-on's features will operate properly. While it only takes several lines of code to get up and running, those lines are very important and may prevent the add-on from working correctly if they are not present.

Although the add-on is distributed and demoed with the WPF controls, it is sold separately.

Python Language

The advanced Python syntax language implementation in the SyntaxEditor Python Language Add-on includes everything from code outlining to syntax error reporting.

See the Python Language topics for more information.


This topic provides answers to common questions and problems related to the add-on.

See the Troubleshooting topics for more information.