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The InertiaScrollViewer is a smooth-scrolling ScrollViewer-like control that reacts to touch and continues gliding to a stop when flicked.



The InertiaScrollViewer is a ContentControl that scrolls its content. Like a ScrollViewer, it will display whatever UIElement you set the Content property to.


When scrolling with a mouse wheel, vertical scrolling will always take priority. If vertical scrolling is not possible, InertiaScrollViewer will attempt to scroll horizontally instead.

Scroll Bar Visibility

The direction of scrolling can be controlled using InertiaScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility and InertiaScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility.

  • ScrollBarVisibility.Auto will show a scrollbar if the Content size is larger than the size of the viewport.

  • ScrollBarVisibility.Disabled will not show a scrollbar, regardless of whether or not Content fits in the viewport. Scrolling in this direction will be disabled.

  • ScrollBarVisibility.Hidden will not show a scrollbar, regardless of whether or not Content fits in the viewport, however scrolling in this direction will still be possible.

  • ScrollBarVisibility.Visible will always show a scrollbar, regardless of whether or not Content fits in the viewport. If content is larger than the viewport, scrolling will be possible.

Adjusting Inertia Scrolling

Inertia scrolling (how scrolling continues to glide after a flick gesture) can be adjusted using several properties.

  • InertiaScrollViewer.EasingFunction is the easing function that determines the curve of the scrolling. It defaults to QuarticEase, but can be set to any System.Windows.Media.Animation.EasingFunctionBase. There are several available in the System.Windows.Media.Animation namespace, such as QuadraticEase, BounceEase, and more.

  • InertiaScrollViewer.VelocityDistanceRatio is the ratio of distance to velocity that determines the distance travelled when scrolling. A smaller number means less travel when scrolling with inertia, while a larger number means more travel.

  • InertiaScrollViewer.VelocityTimeRatio is the ratio of time to velocity that determines the duration of the scrolling animation. A smaller number means the scrolling animation will be faster, while a larger number means the animation will be slower.