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Pie charts have several features that allow you to customize their function and appearance to meet your needs.

Customizing Appearance

Several properties allow you to change the colors used for the pie slices, along with other elements in pie charts.

See the Customizing Appearance topic for more information.

Donut Chart

Donut charts act just like pie charts, except for an adjustable donut hole in the center of the chart.

See the Donut Chart topic for more information.


A legend can provide context for what each pie slice represents. Legends are fully stylable to match the look and feel of your application.

See the Legend topic for more information.

Multiple Series

Pie charts and donut charts can contain multiple series, displayed as cocentric rings. They also support heirarchical data, displaying a child ring outside or inside the parent.

See the Multiple Series topic for more information.

'Other' Slice

Small slices can be aggregated into an 'Other' slice. This can be based on a numeric threshold or a percentage.

See the 'Other' Slice topic for more information.

Pie Slice Labels

Labels can be displayed on each pie slice and fully customized.

See the Pie Slice Labels topic for more information.

Specifying Items

Pie / donut charts can be bound to any custom data source as long as it contains a numeric value to determine pie slice percentages from.

See the Specifying Items topic for more information.