TreeListView - A Multi-Column Variant of TreeListBox

by Avatar Bill Henning (Actipro)
Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 6:49pm


In the last blog post on our TreeListBox control development, we announced that the TreeListBox control was ready for closed alpha testing.  TreeListBox is a new control that has much of the same functionality as the tree control found in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer.

In today's post, I'd like to announce a new TreeListView control that is now also ready for alpha testing.  The TreeListView control is a multi-column variant of the TreeListBox control that renders similar to a standard ListView but has all the tree and advanced features found in TreeListBox.


The animation above shows several of the features found in this new control such as node expansion, column resizing, column reordering, column header context menus, and more.

Feature Progress

Thus far these TreeListView features have been completed:

  • All features found in TreeListBox.
  • Templates, template selectors, or text property bindings used to specify custom content for each cell.
  • Column width can be a specific pixel value, auto (size to header, cells, or both), or star-sized.
  • Optional minimum and maximum widths for column auto/star-sizing modes.
  • Columns can optionally be resized, reordered, and have visibility toggled by the end user.
  • Frozen columns that don't scroll horizontally.
  • Set which column renders the indentation and expander buttons.
  • Column headers have a built-in context menu, and the headers themselves can be hidden.
  • Size columns to fit contents.
  • Optional grid line display.
  • Numerous events for column resizing, reordering, visibility changes, and header menu requests.


If you would like to start working with either of the controls and provide us with feedback, please write our support address or chat with us on Slack to sign up for testing.  Now is the time to contribute your additional feature ideas and report bugs.  Anyone who has a WPF Studio license is fully licensed to use the control in their apps.

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Actipro Blog 2016 Q2 Posting Summary

by Avatar Bill Henning (Actipro)
Friday, July 1, 2016 at 3:05pm


What We Accomplished

In this quarter, we published new maintenance releases of all our control products and released the 2016.1 WinForms Controls.  In terms of development, we've been working on a new Grids product (for WPF and UWP) that will initially consist of a TreeListBox, similar to the tree control found in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer.  That control is already in alpha testing to some customers.  While that testing is ongoing, we have made great progress on a TreeListView control, which is a multi-column variant of the TreeListBox control.  This control features everything you find in a standard ListView, along with all the features of TreeListBox, and additional ones like column reordering, frozen columns, etc.  We'll post more on this new control very soon.

What’s Coming Next

Development of the TreeListView control is currently the primary focus.  We hope to wrap that up for alpha testing in the next two or three weeks.  After that we have some other plans for derived controls that are based on the foundation provided by TreeListBox and TreeListView that we will be getting into.

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