Docking/MDI vNext - Testers Wanted for 2016.1 Preview

by Avatar Bill Henning (Actipro)
Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 3:01pm


We've spent the last several months working intensely on completely rebuilding the internals of our market-leading WPF Docking/MDI product.  This project is called "Docking/MDI vNext" and keeps the same general API surface, while providing even more advanced features in every area of the product, evolving it into a true best-of-breed docking tool window and MDI functionality solution.

Project Status

Great news… after several months of development and testing, Docking/MDI vNext is now out of beta and considered complete!  Check out our recent blog posts to see a list of several of the major features that are included in this new version.


The updates we made will be released as part of our WPF Controls 2016.1 offering that will likely officially roll out live in January or early February.  We'll have a full summary of the new features on the blog then.

Looking for 2016.1 Preview Testers

If you would like to get a preview build of 2016.1 and start working with everything now, please write our support address.  The major Docking/MDI vNext updates are considered code complete and stable at this point.  We have new and updated samples and documentation, updated Prism 6.1 compatibility, and a lot more.  The documentation gives detail on all new features and any breaking changes you might encounter.  We'd love to get some more users including it their apps and giving us some final feedback before a public release.

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