RibbonWindow Reimplemented and New Metro White Theme

by Avatar Bill Henning (Actipro) - 3 comments
Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 2:54pm


WindowChrome Usage

In our previous post, we discussed all the great new feature additions coming to our WindowChrome implementation.  Another related item for the upcoming maintenance release is that we've completely reimplemented how RibbonWindow works and now have it using WindowChrome to manage all its custom chrome API calls.

This means that the same implementation of custom chromes will be used for both RibbonWindow and regular windows that use WindowChrome.  You'll get outer glow effects in Metro themes, full Aero snap/dock support, etc.  Everything described in our previous post.

New Metro White Theme

In the first 2012.2 version release, we added a new Metro Light theme that can be applied app-wide to all Actipro and native WPF Controls.  For the upcoming maintenance release, we've added a new Metro White theme that is similar to Metro Light but gives windows and toolbars more of an Office 2013 appearance.  Take a look:


If you are an Actipro customer, once you get the new features you'll be able to toggle the theme to Metro Light and instantly make your ribbon windows and other controls look like the above.  That's really slick!


These great new features will be part of the next WPF controls 2012.2 maintenance release build 571, due soon.  But that's not all… we have some more major announcements that we'll make for this version soon.

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Comments (3)

Posted 6 years ago by Daniil Monin - Software Architect, Sovacode Software
Hello. Only Metro Light? What's about Metro Dark?
Posted 6 years ago by Bill Henning (Actipro) - Actipro Software LLC
Hi Daniil, we will likely add one in a future version.
Posted 6 years ago by Daniil Monin - Software Architect, Sovacode Software
Ok, thank you!

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