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by Avatar Bill Henning (Actipro) - 4 comments
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 12:08pm


As we finally draw near the release of the 2013.1 versions of our WPF, Silverlight, and WinRT/XAML controls, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce a new product being added to all three platforms:  full size charts!

The platforms mentioned above already have our Micro Charts product, which is ideal for visualizing data in small sizes, such as in grids or dashboards.  Customers have asked for complementary large charts that have multiple-axis support, grid lines, etc.  And we have delivered.  The 2013.1 versions will be receiving full size charts, and as usual, the API will be the same among the three platforms, allowing you to easily port code around.

First Look

Let's take a first look at a Surface device running the WinRT version of a Charts demo:


In this Baseball Stats sample, we compare the statistics of two fictional baseball players and visualize important data through the use of charts.


We are currently finishing up the 2013.1 versions for the platforms and hope to have them (and the new Charts products) out in the next couple weeks or so.  Keep watching our blog for more details.

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Comments (4)

Posted 11 years ago by JesperTreetop
This sounds great. Will the charts be interactive? Can you drag/touch to move around in a large data set? Can you custom draw the axes? What about zooming?
Posted 11 years ago by Bill Henning (Actipro) - Actipro Software LLC
Hi Jesper, Not in the first version however please post your ideas and suggestions in our discussion forum for the product (once it's been released and the forum has been created). The more detailed the better, then we can get things on our TODO list. Thanks!
Posted 11 years ago by JesperTreetop
I'm looking forward to seeing which features will be available at launch.
Posted 11 years ago by Jim Foye
Very interesting, I look forward to seeing how this develops. Currently I use a competitor's product for grid, charting, reporting, and rich text editor. I'm open to switching on the charting, if Actipro develops a good product.

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