Actipro Blog 2013 Q3 Posting Summary

by Avatar Bill Henning (Actipro)
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 9:42am


What We Accomplished

In this quarter we released the 2013.2 versions of our WPF and Silverlight control sets.  This major new version added pie/donut charts and other enhancements to our Charts product, an InertiaScrollViewer control that supports touch and friction scrolling, and a ton of new features to SyntaxEditor, like an optional advanced JavaScript language implementation, word wrap (Silverlight), delimiter auto-complete and indent, indentation guides, improved printing support, and more.

We released some great new icon sets that use the flat Office 2013 style and are perfect for modern-styled desktop apps or web pages.  Download the new free Icons sampler to see the quality of our icons.

Our free Code Writer Windows 8 app saw a major new version that improved the live tile, added print support, block auto-indent, a Twilight background theme, improved copy and share, protocol activation, tutorial overlays, and more.

What’s Coming Next

Coming up next will be the launch of our WinRT XAML 2013.2 version, which adds the Charts enhancements recently added to WPF/Silverlight, a full implementation of the SyntaxEditor code editor control, and numerous add-ons for SyntaxEditor.  This will finally let you add robust text and code editing features to Windows 8.1 apps, just like in popular IDEs, script editors, etc.  Contact us if you 'd like to help beta test.

Our Code Writer app has received numerous updates to improve its design for new features in Windows 8.1.  We'll be launching that version after Windows 8.1 is publicly released in a couple weeks.

We also will be working on some new control ideas and will continue to add more SyntaxEditor enhancements.

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