WPF Controls v2019.1 Build 682 Maintenance Release

by Avatar Bill Henning (Actipro)
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 6:45pm

A new v2019.1 WPF controls maintenance release is now ready for download.  This build makes numerous improvements and bug fixes across many products, with some more notable ones discussed below.

See the announcement post for the detailed list of improvements and updates.

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Edit Box Decimal Place Rounding

All numeric edit boxes in Editors now allow you to specify the exact decimal place at which to round numeric values.

A DoubleEditBox that rounds to three digits

SyntaxEditor Touch Interaction

Touch-based input for operations such as scrolling, zooming, and selection have been greatly refined so that they are more natural.

IntelliPrompt Quick Info and Parameter Info

The previous build started supporting the use of syntax highlighting for foreground colors.  A problem was that it was using some app resources for background colors, meaning some scenarios could occur where the foreground text would blend with the background. 

The parameter info tip background now matches the view's background color

The fix for this problem made in this new build is to use the editor view's background color as the background of the quick info and parameter info tips.  That ensures the foreground colors always render in a readable way in regards to the background.

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